What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

A Wonderful Addition to English/Language Arts

"Since this text had so many of our anthology selections in it, I have used this text primarily and built the program for the year around Possibilities."

        Jan Smith, English/Speech teacher
        9th grade orientation
        Upsala Area School
        Upsala, MN

"My students said this is the first English class that has been 'relevant' to their future needs."
        Teresa Tidwell, Applied Communication Teacher
        Caruthersville High School
        Caruthersville, MO

"[T]he Possibilities text allowed them to experience an advanced selection of literature. Students at our level do not get challenged by the material; your program allowed us to challenge them."
        Jeanann Cazeau, English teacher
        9th grade, Tech Prep
        Carl Sandburg High School
        Orland Park, IL

"[Y]our books... clearly provide practical, relevant, intriguing selections and activities that help stimulate the students' interests and hopes. If the material you use does not stir young people's interests, I am in a quandary as to what will."
        Jack Eastham, English Dept.
        10th grade level coordinator
        Spring Woods High School
        Houston, TX

"Finally some reading that's interesting."
        Students of Julie DelRusso, SLD Teacher
        9th & 10th grades, Language arts
        Lake Brantley High School
        Altamonte Springs, FL

"I know the students' awareness has heightened and so has mine. I only wish someone would have taken the time to do this sort of experience with me when I was in school."
        Linda Paulson
        9th grade Language Arts Instructor

"[We saw] a great improvement in writing! Using the journal topics in Possibilities helped."
        Mary Ann Shaw, English and Applied Communications
        Hayward High School
        Brownsville, TN
"I loved the journal entries [in Possibilities] because they were theme-oriented/values-oriented rather than literary-oriented, and we English teachers need a different approach at times. I also thought the questions were great because they were thought provoking and critical thinking questions."
        Stacy Raley, Teacher
        9th & 10th Dropout/At-Risk program
        Louisville High School
        Louisville, GA

"For the first time, I feel a class is actually talking to me -- it relates -- it's cool. I can use this stuff in my life..."
        Sarah E. Marsh, repeating common student observations, Applied English
        12th grade
        Burley High School
        Burley, ID

"The students see so much `connection' to what we are doing, and cooperate so nicely because they see that `connection' to what is happening in their lives. There is no `Why do we have to do this?' I was so happy when I came across your books. It is such a help for me... I've recommended your book to MANY other Tech Prep people."
        Dorette Kanengieter, Teacher
        11th & 12th grades
        Applied Communication/Language Arts/Tech Prep
        Cwatonna High School
        Owatonna, MN

"I have a student who is ADD, one who is never interested in anything: however, about half way through the Career Choices course he became interested, began to participate, and actually `got into' it."
        Carol Flanigan, English teacher,
        Kouts High School, Kouts, Indiana

"My `English 9' class liked Career Choices a lot. One student who thought she knew herself was really surprised with the personal profile exercise results - she never dreamed she had the qualities discovered."
        G.L. Hammons
        English/Language Arts Instructor
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