What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan - Classroom Ideas
Classroom Ideas from Career Choices Teachers

Educators across the country have shared with us their creative and innovative ideas and activities for the Career Choices curriculum. The following short articles have appeared in our newsletter over the last several years.

North Dakota Students Find Learning Can Be Fun, Relevant Comprehensive Freshman Transition Course Worth a Look
Whole School (grades 9 - 12) Takes Career Choices Why Not Invite a Loan Officer to Class?
Innovative Assessment of Students' Progress Scenario Unit a Hit in Oklahoma
Putting the Counselor In the Classroom Learning to Give and Follow Directions
New Insights Bring Productive Choices for At-risk Students Tech Prep Hits Milestone in Delaware
Minority Females Learn Self-Sufficiency in Mission Viejo, California English Literature Becomes Part of Career and Life Planning
Washington Program Wins State Restructuring Award Career Choices Course Provides Graduate Units
Using the Classroom to Teach Workplace Skills  

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