What Works Career Choices
Go with What Works: Career Choices & the 10-yearPlan

Gender and Ethnic Fair!

"My students are 80% non-white minority students. The selections in [Career Choices and Possibilities] make them feel OK about themselves."

        Julie Vetica
        8th grade Language arts
        Hargitt Middle School
        Norwalk, CA

"The first year, my biggest success was when students of different races found common ground and learned a language to talk to each other."
        Susan Henneberg
        English Department Chair
        Washoe High School
        Reno, NV

"The [young women] discovered who they are and established future goals, including opportunities to enable them to support themselves and their future families...[those] who never dreamed of higher education saw possibilities and opportunities. Many were excited about 'going to college' and spoke of the decision with bright eyes."
        C. Sue Waldfogel Huff
        Administrative Assistant
        Career Exploration/Equity/Drop-out
        Silverado High School
        Mission Viejo, CA
"Two of our students are seriously considering non-traditional vocations. Several other students expressed that they really enjoyed the course because it gave them skills to become mature, self-sufficient women."
        Barbara Muir, Coordinator
        10th - 12th grades career exploration/equity
        North High School
        Minneapolis, MN

"This is a wonderful approach to teaching tolerance in an applied manner."
        Sam Heatwole
        Teacher, Tech Prep
        Phoebus High School
        Hampton, VA
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