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Success Stories
Academic Innovations has worked successfully with schools and districts from across the country for more than twenty years. This archive of stories will help you discover what works--and what doesn't--when it comes to implementing an effective and sustainable Career Choices course.

We've organized the stories by state on this page, but they can also be sorted into categories to help you quickly find the inspiration you desire.

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Coachella Valley High School - Thermal
Learn how a dynamic course required for all ninth graders helped turn this school's dropout rate -- from the highest in their district to the lowest.

Doug Campbell - San Gabriel
Learn how Doug and his staff created and initiated a year-long interdisciplinary class in communications for 9th graders using the Career Choices curriculum. Due to the success of this program it will be a required class for all 9th graders in 1995-96. Good ideas for anyone restructuring or starting Tech Prep or School-to-Work programs.

Eric Stephens - Los Angeles
Learn how Eric adjusted his curriculum to the different learning styles of his at-risk population.

Joe Werner - Monterey
Learn about the strategies Joe used with his program for very high risk youth that, as he put it, "puts the needs of the students first." The strength of this program is the individualized attention each of his 78 students received.

Zora Tammer - Berkeley
Learn how Zora structured the six-hour day (over eight weeks) for reluctant learners that motivated and transformed the students who normally are turned-off by school.

Deb Mumford - Denver
Learn about the findings of the external evaluator of this academic enrichment program for at-risk students. The staff also share their insights on why they think this program worked.

Nancy Carter - Denver
Learn how Nancy structured her Summer Youth Program and the students' significant gains in learning, based on their outside evaluation. One strong component was that each student who successfully completed the program (100% attendance among other markers) received one unit of credit toward graduation.

Dr. Jim Campbell - Delaware State Tech Prep Consortium
Learn from Jim, 1993 winner of the Parnell Award for exemplary Tech Prep programs nationwide, the secrets to developing a successful Tech Prep program. He shares his statistics and data and speaks to the need for comprehensive guidance.

Mary Ellen Fowler - Broward County
Learn how English teacher Mary Ellen structures her class, Career Decision-Making and Critical Thinking Skills, in her school's Tech-Prep/School-to-Work program. She shares her innovative ideas, such as her exemplary speakers program and her parent orientation.

Phyllis Stewart - Vincennes
Learn how Phyllis, Tech Prep site coordinator and 30-year veteran teacher, integrated her Career Choices program with the English and computer keyboarding instructors. She shares her observations why an integrated approach works.
See how Phyllis' program is doing ten years after the initial pilot.

Ron Eydenberg - Boston
Learn how Ron brought academics into the worksite for his 500 Summer JTPA participants and the benefits of this approach.

Jessy James - Marshall
Learn about Jessy's students' significant gains in their math and reading and to what he attributes to these gains in the post-testing.

Roberta Freed - Little Falls
Learn how English teacher Roberta and On-the-Job teacher Ron Hanenkamp created their integrated "Transitions" class for special education students. Roberta goes into detail that is sure to help any teacher with any population.

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Pat Marabella - Havre, Montana
Learn how Pat instilled a love of learning in his multi-cultural, at-risk group of students. Thirty percent of his students were Native American so his ideas for this population are worth looking at. Pre- and post-tests found significant increases in math and reading.

Barbara Larson and Peg Slusarski - Columbus
Learn from business teacher Barbara and English teacher Peg how they designed their class BECI (Business and English Curriculum Integration program). They go into detail on the planning and coordination process for with teammates and the administration.

New York
John Gill - Hempstead
Learn how John adapted Career Choices and Possibilities to work with his population of 700 at-risk students with varying abilities.

North Carolina
Anne Swygert - Greensboro
Learn about Anne's seven-week summer JTPA program and some of her creative activities and approaches that exposed her students to a world they had never known.

Teri Redl - Medina County, Ohio
Learn from School-to-Work Site Coordinator Teri how she developed her class for potential drop-outs and the details of how she organized her lesson plans. Her strategies clearly demonstrate the strength of combining academic skills improvement with individual support and guidance.

Lorraine Rippey and Wendy Hansloven - St. Marys
Learn how and why guidance counselors Lorraine and Wendy developed a classroom-based program where students get "ten months, instead of ten minutes of comprehensive guidance." Their team of three guidance counselors teach four periods a day in this Tech Prep program.

Jerry Anderson - Clinton
Learn how Jerry, a residential construction teacher, is making a difference in the lives of his students while successfully addressing the competencies outlined for the state of Tennessee's newly mandated Career Management Success class.

Priscilla Gregory - Vonore
Learn how and why English teacher Priscilla has a guidance theme for her college bound students as well as her non-college prep students. Her unique community outreach program is worthy of replication.

Scott Hess - Tumwater
Learn from English teacher Scott Hess how his interdisciplinary team of six instructors put together their program, winner of the 1994 Washington Educators Association's "Leaders in Restructuring Award" for innovative programs. Scott also shares their ideas for "Keys to Successful Teamwork."
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