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Career Choices classroom, increasing test scores
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Career Choices classroom, preparing for graduation
Grace King High School (Metairie, Louisiana) took pride in being "the best" high school in their district, but Assistant Principal Pamela Pritchard was still appalled by the fact that only 76% of freshmen were being promoted to the 10th grade. She introduced the Career Choices curriculum and the concept that "Failure is Not an Option" as a part of the school's 9th grade redesign efforts. Rahway High School (Rahway, New Jersey) had an achievement problem and sought to remedy it with a Freshman Seminar/Financial Literacy course utilizing the Career Choices curriculum. Santa Barbara City College (Santa Barbara, California), home of a Dual Enrollment Freshman Transition (DEFT) course and the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Initiative, was named co-winner of the prestigious 2013 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. In 2009, SBCC adopted Career Choices and My10yearPlan.com® as the curriculum for their DEFT course, which sparked creation of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Initiative. These two innovative programs contributed to SBCC's position as one of the top community colleges in the country. The press release announcing the 2013 Aspen Prize states,
"Expanding student development efforts beyond its campus to local high schools, Santa Barbara City College has created the largest dual enrollment program-which allows high school students to take community college courses-among California's 112 community colleges. SBCC is also helping high sch ool students, many of whom may not be financially or academically prepared, develop long-term education plans through college readiness and career counseling programs."
Poughkeepsie High School (Poughkeepsie, New York) had been cited by the state as a consistently underachieving school, but a Career Choices course instituted in 2009 is showing promise. Indio High School (Indio, California) was struggling with abysmal test scores. A freshman transition course using Career Choices called Success 101 is continuing to transform the culture of this largely Hispanic school. Carroll High School (Ozark, Alabama) introduced a Freshman Academy in 2011 to help freshmen make a successful transition into high school and build meaningful relationships. A key component of this academy was a Career Choices course. Compared with first-semester freshmen in 2010: A rural district, Robeson County Public Schools (Lumberton, North Carolina) introduced a mandatory Freshman Transition program using Career Choices in all seven high schools to help curb a serious dropout problem. When Bobby Cunningham started as principal of McCormick High School (McCormick, South Carolina), the school had one of the highest dropout rates in South Carolina. He chose to introduce Career Choices to all grades at once, and the results were staggering. "After one year, [McCormick High School] moved from a 'below average' school to one of two 'excellent' schools in South Carolina," Cunningham said. The results from the second year, shown below, were even more impressive:
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